(IRCC – Special Event Code: 23ICHR)

The Africa Canada International Convention on Human Rights Promotion 2023 serves as an International Forum for the exchange of knowledge and experiences on key Human Development issues, contributing towards Promoting social Empowerment at National, Regional and Global level.

Registration has been extended to:  June 30, 2023

The Convention will objectively bring together LGBTIQ+ activists from Africa and those in Canada to formulate a way forward on advancing the Rights of LGBTIQ+ people on the African continent learning practically from Canada’s success story, pulling synergies amongst the members of the LGBTIQ+ movement with potential partners while creating awareness on an International Platform about the risks faced by LGBTIQ+ people across the African continent.

The convention shall also act as an International platform where Human Rights activists world over meet to discuss the challenges they face in terms of homophobia, discrimination, limited access to Health and Legal services, hate and violence committed against the LGBTIQ+ community.

The convention shall feature topics to do with the Rights of the LGBTIQ+ people in Africa, the challenges faced and how to address them, the available avenues Africans can exploit to get to the International Human Rights level and the available opportunities in regard to funding, academic, health and social-economic partnerships.

The convention’s code name is “All 4 One” a call to the rest of the world to stand for a better and one Africa that embraces the Rights of LGBTIQ+ people, one which treats them equally like other people and end any form of homophobic violence, discrimination or denial of access to basic services like Health, Employment to LGBTIQ+ people.

  • To build an action plan detailing the strategy and means of advancing the Rights of LGBTIQ+ people that will be adopted at the end of the convention.
  • To rebuild a better future for African LGBTIQ+ people and LGBTIQ+ Refugees in Canada by linking them to different Innovative Programs, Philanthropists, Partners and Mentors through the Convention.
  • To mobilize African LGBTIQ+ fellows and Refugees to create a coordinated and visible African LGBTIQ+ Refugee movement in Africa and Canada.

This Convention aims to promote Human rights at global level by

  • Creating Opportunities to experience Canadian social empowerment initiatives
  • Empowering academics, researchers and professionals to build collaborative networks
  • Creating the largest platform at global level for innovative ideas and approaches to practice, policy and research that encourage further collaborations across the world.
  • Networking and knowledge exchange forum at the international level to identify, discuss and troubleshoot issues across a range of disciplines and sectors
  • Supporting and nurturing the next generation on Human Rights needs based researchers
  • Engaging global and diverse voices, ideas, vision, initiatives and actions across the world
  • Strengthening and transforming the global efforts towards LGBTIQ+ and influence decision making.

ACIconvention2023 delegates will be better prepared to

  • Identify challenges and related solutions, trends, emerging issues and gaps on Human Rights
  • Explore the current status of public Health evidence, research, policy and practice
  • Understand effective evidence-based education programs and practices
  • Evaluate strategies for knowledge & skill translations
  • Develop and access a network of colleagues and partners for initiating or expanding initiatives

About the Convention

ACI23-The Africa Canada International Convention on Human Rights Promotion 2023 (The Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada Special Event Code for this event is: 23ICHR) will be attended by more than 200 professionals and students from across, Africa, Canada and around the globe, including over 4 highly respected speakers and will take place from August 18 to 19, 2023 at Courtyard by Marriott Toronto Downtown – 475 Yonge St, Toronto-Canada.

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The African Centre for Refugees in Ontario has partnered with Global Events Services of Canada to provide strategic planning and management of the Africa Canada International Convention on Human Rights Promotions code named The ACI23 with the purpose to serve as an International Forum for the exchange of knowledge and experiences on key Human development issues, contributing towards promoting social empowerment at a national, regional and global level.

The African Centre for Refugees in Ontario-Canada is a registered non-profit, non-sectarian and an all-inclusive organization with emphasis on supporting African LGBTIQ+ who are already vulnerable refugees on the on-set from the African continent to unite as a harmonious community and create a friendly and supportive environment. Part of our mission is to work as a place of consultation as well as mutual encouragement and support for all regardless of their status. https://africancentre4refugees.org/

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     IRCC – Special Event Code : 23ICHR

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