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Human rights are a set of principles concerned with equality and fairness. They recognize our freedom to make choices about our lives and to develop our potential as human beings. They are about living a life free from fear, harassment, or discrimination.

The African Centre for Refugees in Ontario, Canada, is yet again organizing the 2nd Africa Canada International Convention on Human Rights Promotions 2024. The Convention is slated to take place from September 27 to 28, 2024, at the Chelsea Hotel.

The convention will bring together 2SLGBTIQ+ activists, allies, young leaders, and stakeholders from Africa and those in Canada to formulate a way forward on advancing the rights of 2SLGBTIQ+ people on the African continent, learning practically from Canada’s success story, pulling synergies amongst the members of the 2SLGBTIQ+ movement with potential partners, and creating awareness on an international platform about the risks faced by LGBTIQ+ people across the African continent.

The convention shall also act as an international platform where 2SLGBTIQ+ people from Africa and those in Canada meet to discuss the challenges they face in terms of discrimination, limited access to health and legal services, and hate and violence committed against them on African soil. It will be attended by 2SLGBTIQ+ activists, young leaders, allies, scholars, notable human rights activists and defenders, legal and health practitioners from Africa, and Africans living in Canada.

Convention topics will include the rights of LGBTIQ+ people in Africa, the challenges faced and how to address them, the available avenues Africans can exploit to get to the level of Canada in regards to safeguarding the rights of these people, and the available opportunities in regards to funding, academic, health, and social-economic partnerships and developments for activists, civil society organizations, and both legal and health practitioners in regards to 2SLGBTIQ+ people in Canada and Africa.

About African Centre for Refugees in Ontario, Canada

The African Centre for Refugees in Ontario-Canada is a registered non-profit, non-sectarian, and all-inclusive organization that supports and advances the needs of vulnerable African LGBTIQ+ refugees and newcomers. We provide them with information and opportunities that enhance access to immigration and social services and promote networking, knowledge sharing, and cultural exchange.

Our work also seeks to increase knowledge of LGBTIQ African refugees and newcomers and enhance access, referral, and linkages to immigration, health, housing, and employment resources and services, as well as create a safe and supportive positive space for participation, inclusion, and integration into communities.

Part of our mission is to work as a place of consultation as well as mutual encouragement and support for all, regardless of their status. https://africancentre4refugees.org/


The Africa Canada International Convention on Human Rights Promotion 2024 shall align with the United Nations’ Human Rights activities serving as an International Forum for the exchange of Knowledge to address the most pressing human rights violations, both acute and chronic, particularly those that put life in imminent peril; Focusing attention on those who are at risk and vulnerable on multiple fronts especially the LGBTQ+, Paying equal attention to the realization of civil, cultural, economic, political, and social rights, including the right to development, as well as Measuring the impact of its work through the substantive benefit that is accrued, through it, to individuals around the world.

  • To build an action plan detailing the strategy and means of advancing the most pressing human rights violations, both acute and chronic, particularly those that put life in imminent peril
  • Focusing the attention of Human Rights on those who are at risk and vulnerable on multiple fronts, especially the LGBTQ+
  • To achieve international cooperation in solving international problems related to social, cultural, or humanitarian character
  • Promoting and Encouraging respect for Human Rights
  • Encourage fundamental freedoms for all without distinction based on race, sexual orientation, or cultural differences.
  • To protect the right to life, security, freedom of thought and expression, and marriage

ACI Convention 2024 delegates will be better prepared to

  • The development of respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms and for the principles enshrined in the Charter of the United Nations
  • Explore non-cognitive competencies (such as creative, social, and emotional development), including supporting the objective of peace, equality, respect for human rights, mutual understanding, and tolerance
  • Enhance participants with current developments and new trends in Human rights, including online learning and activism
  • To associate the participants and their organizations with priorities of the LGBTQ+
  • Develop pro-active solutions to the human rights challenges that can be presented to the UN Human Rights Commission.

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For specific questions about convention registration, topic areas, presentations, exhibitions, or sponsorship opportunities, contact Convener Christopher Nkambwe:info@aciconvention.ca or via WhatsApp at +1 4379974459.

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