IRCC-Special Event Code : 23ICHR

Registration has been extended to:  June 30, 2023

Oral Presentation

Oral contributions will be the main part of sessions at ACI convention 2023. Sessions will take place in parallel with a duration of 90 minutes. Each session will contain six speakers and opportunities for in depth discussions.

Oral presentations should last no longer than 15-20 minutes (including 3 mins for questions).

Presentation modes

  1. Share Powerpoint Presentation -Video camera on
  2. Share Powerpoint Presentation -Video camera off
  3. Verbal presentation – Video camera on
  4. Recorded Video presentation with slides

Exhibition Moment

We are excited to offer our vendors excellent exhibit hall hours, an opportunity to conduct a 45-minute presentation or workshop, and vendor donated prizes being given away in the exhibit hall.

Exhibit Hall will be Opens on:

  1. Friday, August 18, from 5:30-7:00 pm
  2. Saturday, August 19, from 12:00-6:00 pm

Contact Us

          IRCC-Special Event Code : 23ICHR

For specific questions about the convention Registration,Topic areas, Presentations, Exhibitions or Sponsorship opportunities, contact Convener Christopher or Whatsapp call /Text on : +1 4379974459.

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